It’s been a long time, baby.

Hello blogosphere, it has been a long time, a very long time! Almost three months in fact, a whole year has come and gone since I last posted, what is up with that?! It must be the end of the world or something, oh wait 2012. Have you seen that movie? Scary stuff! I sound like I have ADHD, like that guy from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In actual fact I am just tired and unwilling to go to sleep yet. Did I mention I haven’t blogged in ages? Right, yeah….

I come with reasons aplenty! Since the end of August last year, myself and my fellow Producer Eleanor Cooke were dealing with the bitter news that our fabulous fantasy short film about bullying and domestic violence had been shunned by funding bodies, although we expected that. Never mind, me being me, I had already decided the moment I stopped writing the script that I had a film in my head and it was not going to leave me alone until words were spoken, footage was shot and four days of sleepless nights had been had by all. It was time to make another short film.

Since then, Eleanor and I have been knocking on every door we could think of, using a global crowdfunding platform through which we raised around $1500NZD towards the film’s budget and have raised money from several other avenues. In the last month, we have really seen much more momentum and raised around 40% of the amount we need to shoot the film in April.

“Broken Glass” is my first foray into the world of fantasy and follows a young boy who is being bullied at school and has an abusive father at home. One day when playing alone in the woods, he encounters a mysterious creature that will change his life forever.

The film has gained the endorsement of two major organisations in the family violence sector; Shine who are NZ’s largest domestic abuse charity organisation and Jigsaw, a network of 42 family and child protection services. With their support, we are hoping that we can raise enough to get the important issue of family violence on screen in the context of a modern day fairy tale.

Meanwhile, in amongst all the excitement of planning to make this short film I have also been developing a feature film script called “The Glassmaker” which is the intended spin-off project that the short film will serve as a kind of origin story or prequel to. I’m currently in a race against time to get that feature script into a sharp and focused enough shape before we shoot the short so that they can both feel like two pieces of the same puzzle, so to speak. So, as you can see, I have been rather busy! However, I am hoping to be able to blog a little more frequently now that we seem to be on course and bringing you updates on it. I might even have time to blog about some other things too, much has been happening in the world, have you seen Hillary Clinton’s 30 minute speech to the UN about LGBT rights? If not, go forth and seek it out. It was full of goosebumps and hurrah’s.

We are now $4000 away from our funding goal of what we need to get the film in the can, you can find out more about it at or see our teaser trailer here:


About Chaz Harris

Chaz Harris is a writer and award-winning filmmaker based in Wellington, New Zealand.
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7 Responses to It’s been a long time, baby.

  1. Aww Chaz : ) that was a fab wee teaser trailer! Great to have you back blogging and good luck!

  2. colin says:

    maybe what you love to do (filmmaking) is not actually what you’re supposed to do. sometimes one should just accept that passion doesn’t always equal genuine talent. i personally would take the funding bodies’ hint.

  3. Ruby J says:

    Good luck with the fund raising: I love the trailer. It’s very intriguing.

  4. Hi, I was lead here by a friend of yours, Clive Double, and I must say I really like the idea of your film, so good luck with it! I’m looking forward to see the finished piece, as I’m a big fan of crossing genres/ideas and a mix of realism and fantasy sounds great! I have one question to ask though: how would you suggest going about asking companies, organisations and people for support for films? I’ve recently made a short film for a festival, and need a lot of publicity for it to get anywhere, but am having trouble with how to approach others. Thanks for your help, and I hope it all goes well!

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