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Is it okay to cry at work?

I’ve been sat here with my glass of wine and a plate of cheese with crackers thinking. Yes, I know, that in itself could be something of a dangerous blog opener, but allow me to wander down the garden path … Continue reading

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David Bowie : the baby stealer

When I told a friend of mine recently that I didn’t know who David Bowie was until I was eighteen, the look of horror in her face was somewhat amusing. Truth be told, I did know who David Bowie was, … Continue reading

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When a survivor becomes a victim

When ten year old Blake Rice was trapped in a car with his mother and brother Jordan Rice during the flooding in Toowoomba, I suspect he had no idea that his brother’s sacrifice to save him would turn him into … Continue reading

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Getting dumped by text or email

The downside to all this new technology such as text messaging and email is the ease in which bad news can now be delivered. I recall the now infamous incident of Taylor Swift outing Joe Jonas as a jerk on … Continue reading

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How young is too young?

I used to walk around and see young teens with their own cell phones and think it was weird and inappropriate that parents would buy them a cell phone at such a young age. However, more recently I have started … Continue reading

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And the blog goes on…

19 April 2011

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